Effective Relocation


When moving to Portugal, EMA’s staff and families can count on a quick and seamless relocation, supported by a One-Stop-Shop. This service will assist future residents in formalities before arrival, and during the move, in a single window service, physically and digitally available.

The Portuguese One-Stop-Shop is a strategic concept of service delivery, incorporating relevant institutions, public and private, in a single window service, as a fundamental response to the arrival and the settlement of EMA’s staff and families, facilitating the integration process and reducing access barriers and administrative burdens.

This will help EMA’s families in many different needs that may include getting a residence permit, accessing public health and social security, admission and enrolment in schools or identifying other public and services providers needed for the moving process.

This service can respond in an innovative way, first by identifying existing, concerns and challenges and providing custom made solutions, if needed.

Prior to EMA’s move to Porto, to identify and inform staff and families, a single window service can be set up in London to inform and support a quick and smooth relocation.

Simple digital administrative services

When it comes to simplifying and digitalising administrative services, making life easier for citizens, the Portuguese Government is at the forefront of the EU.

Some projects have become international case studies:
  - “Lojas do Cidadão” (Citizens’ Shops) with services from different administrations available at a single physical point.
  - “Empresa na Hora” (On the Spot Firm) allows the establishment of a company in a single physical place, and in less than a day.
Online public services are supported by a central platform, with shared tools for authentication and payments.

Citizens can also access it through mobile devices. Portugal is known for the SIMPLEX – the national flagship programme of administrative modernisation and e-government – that has promoted a significant effort of reorganising public services around citizens’ needs, and their life events.

This vision and experience will be put at the service of EMA staff and their families and be translated in the One-Stop-Shop approach.

Tax Regimes