Effective Relocation

Infarmed as a committed EMA partner

Portugal, through its National Regulator INFARMED, has been playing an active role in the construction and consolidation of the European Medicines System: INFARMED actively contributes to the development of scientific evaluation procedures.

The grounds for the creation of the new European Medicines System, and the then European Medicines Agency, were initiated with discussions during the Portuguese presidency in 1992 and is ready to host EMA. Back then, Portugal was already set to host EMA. The 1990’s were a decisive decade for the European Medicines and its system as it is today. INFARMED, created in 1993, is one of the agencies that was actively engaged in its development since the beginning.

INFARMED has a solid structure with a prestigious critical mass recognised at international level, with 350 qualified professionals and around 300 external experts from universities, hospitals and research centres participating regularly in the European scientific procedures and establishing a cohesive network between national scientific communities and the EMA.
Portugal has a resourceful and highly skilled national scientific community in science and health areas, able to support EMA and the European medicines system in the fulfilment of its mission.

Global reputation

Alongside the activities developed within the European framework, INFARMED is active within several international organizations – the World Health Organization, the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board and the Network of Official Control Laboratories. Infarmed is engaged in regular activities with Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as with other foreign partners in Latin America, Asia and Maghreb.