Effective Relocation


Portugal has international and local IT providers for Data Centre Networks able to offer EMA the technological services it needs, displaying excellent internet and fibre connections, with broadband available to all homes (covering almost 100% of households).

EMA will also have tier-3 data centres, green energy standards ISO 14001 and 50001, and security and operational ISO standards in Portugal.

Portugal has an excellent and competitive IT infrastructure and Porto is one of the most competitive, innovative and creative cities in Europe, with a thriving digital ecosystem, a dynamic environment for business creation and an increasingly qualified international labour force.

There is a widespread use of fixed and mobile broadband services, both in state and private sectors and up-to-date digital and communications technology ranking 7th in 61 economies (IMD- World Competitiveness Yearbook 2016).

“Portugal’s performance in Digital Public Services remains well above the EU average (Europe’s Digital Progress Report, 2017), with new initiatives enabling business efficiency and easing people’s life. Electronic medical prescriptions are just an example.

Above average connectivity (DESI 2017 – Digital Economy and Society Index) is the major enabler for this fast adoption of digital technologies, with Portugal ranking 8th in broadband availability, 6th in 4G coverage and 4th in fast broadband subscriptions.

Moreover, since the task of renting/building a dedicated institutional data center is affected by the risks of natural disasters and associated damages, data center facilities need to assure the maximization of employee safety and reduced risk of downtime during seismic activity. According to the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data from AHEAD, the city of Porto, since it belongs to the Northern Region, does not have any history of significant earthquakes, as it can be seen in the figure below.

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